Goto Sumio

Goto was born into the family of a Shingon Buddhist priest in Chiba Prefecture. He became enamored with painting in his childhood. At age 16, he started his study of “Nihonga” (Japanese painting) under Yamamoto Kyujin, and later continued under Tanaka Seihyo. Upon his initial acceptance to the much-coveted Japan Art Academy Exhibition at the age of 22, he began his career as a landscape painter. Driven by his indomitable spirit and boundless passion for creation, he broadened his themes as he pursued eternal natural beauty in series such as “Gorges and Waterfalls,” depicting Hokkaido’s harsh natural climate, and “Old Temples,” brimming with rich sentiment. In his later years, he received various awards, including the Japan Art Academy Award and the Imperial Award for his masterpieces which convey in rich colors the varying sentiments of the four seasons as well as impressive snowscapes.